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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)


The modern Enterprise needs to deliver their services non-stop and provide employees, partners and customers with 24.7.365 data access. Critical applications should be available anytime with no tolerance for downtime. Utilizing replication, DR solutions can reduce services downtime from hours to minutes. They provide tight RTOs and allow businesses to keep their critical applications up and running at all times.

Minimizing downtime with disaster recovery (DR)

With Veeam Cloud Connect Replication and Nuvola Technologies, you can ensure Availability of your mission-critical applications with fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based DR. As a built-in DRaaS solution, you can use Nuvola Technologies to host your off-site repositories, disaster recovery infrastructure and replicas. Veeam Cloud Connect Replication is a fully integrated DRaaS-enabling technology purpose-built for VMware and Hyper-V disaster recovery. Instead of building and maintaining a second facility for disaster recovery, simply point your replication jobs to the cloud. That easy! 


DRaaS as part of a comprehensive Availability strategy

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) is normally implemented in addition to, or separate from, an overall Availability strategy, pulling the focus of IT away from current datacenter investments and momentum—adding a layer of management complexity that can leave you uncertain if you can really recover if something goes terribly wrong. 

Achieve Up Time

With Nuvola Technologies , you can protect and manage complex IT infrastructures while eliminating data loss risks, reducing downtime and cutting the total cost of ownership of business continuity and disaster recovery.  We enable you to quickly recover your data after an outage, downtime or breach.

Recover in 15 minutes

Veeam Cloud Connect Replication provides image-based VM replication delivering true cloud-based disaster recovery for ALL applications (RTPOs < 15 minutes) . If a disaster were to affect your business, you can quickly and easily switch to VM replicas in Nuvola Technologies cloud and use our infrastructure as a remote disaster recovery site.

Automated Failover/Failback

With Nuvola Technologies you can accelerate and automate the entire failover and failback process, reducing errors associated with the process of recovering your workloads or an entire site.

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