Our Technology

The Hardware behind our Cloud

Nuvola Technologies strives to provide clients with the best experience and technology available for cloud-based solutions. We are excited to announce our recent technology upgrades and how they will affect your experience.

Our technology improvements include:

Compute and Memory – Compute and memory needs will be served by the latest available technology: DDR4 RAM rated at 2133 MHz and Intel Haswell-EP Processors clocked at 3.1 GHz, with up to 32 vCPUs available per VM. This is the fastest and most dense x86 technology currently on the market.

Networking – The new networking gear supports 10, 40, 56, and 100Gbps port speeds to deliver the highest performance enabling computer clusters to operate at any scale. These switches are designed for performance, serviceability, and availability.

Depending on your application requirement and budget, you will now have the option of picking and choosing the type of storage that your services need. Whether you need 100K IOPS or 4 million IOPS, Nuvola Technologies can provide the scale-out architecture to keep your business running. There is no other provider that can achieve that level or performance or flexibility.

Your storage options include:

Option 1: Enterprise Storage – Our new Enterprise Storage Systems are equipped with 256GB of Tier-1 DRAM read cache, and 512GB of Tier-2 SSD read cache. In addition, all writes will be buffered on a STEC ZeusRAM DRAM drive, with near-zero latency. All of this will be connected to your cluster over multi-pathed 40Gbps links, for a total of 80Gbps of available IO at any given time. This platform offers up to 100,000 Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS).

Option 2: Extreme NVMe Storage – Our technology improvements include migrating from regular hard drives to Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) drives. These drives are directly attached to the PCI-E bus, and are limited only by the performance offered by the PCI-E specification. This new storage technology will connect to your environment over multi-pathed 40Gbps links, for a total of 80Gbps of available IO at any given time. Additionally, the input / output operations per second have increased up to an impressive four million. Yes, you read that right: four million operations per second. That’s almost 200 times more than other cloud computing providers.

We are proud to be the first and only cloud provider to utilize this technology. This new technology is not available through any other service provider. It is simply not offered. As our client, you get to reap the benefits of this amazing technology!

The improvements aren’t limited to your choices in scalable and flexible storage. Nuvola Technologies is excited to announce a brand new product offering that we call Nuvola’s Extreme Computing.

Extreme Computing – Extreme Computing is comprised of the new computing standards mentioned earlier in this announcement, compute and networking, plus Extreme NVMe storage. This platform will be optional for all new and existing customers. This new technology is ideal for IOPS-hungry applications and databases like Oracle, SQL, and SAP.

As always, Nuvola Technologies will continue to work with you in a proactive manner to meet your needs. We are proud that you’ve chosen us for your cloud needs, and we will continue to put our years of experience to work for your benefit.

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Managed Services That Go Beyond

Nuvola Technologies knows that although businesses can be similar, they are still individualized. That’s why we offer individualized solutions for each business and provide managed services that go beyond client expectations. Our client focused business model provides a Go Beyond support and customer service experience. With a managed private cloud from Nuvola Technologies, we do all of the work and you reap all of the benefits. We work closely with you to develop your cloud solution. This ensures that you get exactly what you need. We handle the security, maintenance, and keep everything functioning using Nuvola Technologies owned equipment dedicated solely to your needs. Your focus can remain on growing your business and delivering to your customers....