Microsoft Hosting

We architect custom Microsoft hosted solutions specific to your requirements, whether it’s on a single dedicated server or a cluster of servers. Don’t get lost in a public cloud. Get fully managed services deployed on a hardware configuration designed for Microsoft Applications.

exchangeMicrosoft® Exchange 2013 – Designed to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your business’ messaging system. It delivers the advanced protection your company demands, and the anywhere access your people want. Access e-mail, voice mail, calendar, and contacts from virtually anywhere, anytime. We understand Microsoft Exchange.

SharePointMicrosoft® Sharepoint 2013 – Microsoft® SharePoint 2013 facilitates communication and collaboration for your entire organization. Your team can use SharePoint to create and share documents, workspaces, contacts, announcements, calendars and much more. SharePoint also provides a host of content management features, for example it can be used to implement business processes & supply access to information that is essential your goals.

DynamicsMicrosoft® Dynamics CRM 2013 – Microsoft® Dynamics CRM provides a powerful support tool to bolster your business’s customer relationship management strategy. Gather information from various sources to give you a  real-time comprehensive view of your business, from leads to after-sales CRM is easily deployed & customizable to suit your needs.

Project ServerMicrosoft® Project Server 2013 – Nuvola Technologies offers a range of hosted solutions that extend the power of Microsoft® Project Professional 2013. Whether you want to provide project visibility to a small team or have a tool for enterprise-wide project and portfolio management, there is a solution that will allow you to start quickly with a secure, reliable online environment.

Proven Experience

  •   Infrastructure
  •   Virtualization Technologies
  •   Security
  •   Microsoft & Linux
  •   Citrix Technologies
  •   Oracle
  •   Open Source Technologies
  •   Database Administration
  •   Business Intelligence
  •   Web & Mobile Technologies


  •   Elite Team of Experts in house
  •   Specialists in current technologies
  •   Security Experts
  •   Experience in cyber-defense
  •   Experience in Private Sector
  •   Experience in U.S. Government
  •   U.S and International experience
  •   Microsoft SPLA Partner
  •   Citrix CSP Partner

Managed Services That Go Beyond

Nuvola Technologies knows that although businesses can be similar, they are still individualized. That’s why we offer individualized solutions for each business and provide managed services that go beyond client expectations. Our client focused business model provides a Go Beyond support and customer service experience. With a managed private cloud from Nuvola Technologies, we do all of the work and you reap all of the benefits. We work closely with you to develop your cloud solution. This ensures that you get exactly what you need. We handle the security, maintenance, and keep everything functioning using Nuvola Technologies owned equipment dedicated solely to your needs. Your focus can remain on growing your business and delivering to your customers....