Managed Security

Security, the Foundation of all our Services

Security is the most important component in Nuvola Technologies solutions and is the foundation of all its services. Nuvola Technologies provides security via Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances, which are dedicated and configured in high availability. Managed Security Services are managed by security experts with over 20 years’ experience in the Network Security field.

As part of the service portfolio Nuvola Technologies provides basic security to its customers; an essential protection for any server. Here is just a small list of the attacks we remediate for all of our customers, regardless of service level: • IP Spoofing Attacks • IP Source Route • Port Scanning • Net Block Scanning • IPSEC Flood Attack • IKE Flood Attack • ICMP Flood Attack • SYN Flood Attack • UDP Flood Attack

This is known as a basic package management. Any hacker trying to access the services of a customer using these techniques or under these parameters will be automatically blocked by the Firewall. For additional protection we include the IPS service, which increases perimeter security systematically and dynamically by constantly updating the threats and traffic patterns.

According to the best practices and to ensure the highest level of security, our design will consider the traffic analysis between applications and services, as well as between users and applications

Scope of Managed Security Services:

• Traffic Monitoring 7x24x365.
• Alarm Management.
• Unlimited Support 8 x 5.
• Shared or Dedicated Firewall.
• Configuration changes or unlimited technical support within service hours.
• Alarms for specific services.
• Traffic Reports and Connections.
• Assistance with Security Policy design.
• Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability Analysis enables small and large organizations alike to effectively manage their vulnerabilities and maintain control over their network security through centralized reports, verified remedies, and full remediation workflow capabilities. Nuvola Technologies provides to its customers Vulnerability Assessment increasing the level of security by considering all the assets and liabilities in the environment. This analysis is performed in all servers. With Nuvola Technologies’ vulnerability scanning service it is possible to implement the necessary preventive actions in the perimeter based on potential vulnerabilities in the systems / services and / or applications used in the platform. The vulnerability Analysis services includes:

• Social Engineering
• Web Application Assessment
• Network Assessment

Nuvola Technologies understands that security is absolutely critical to the customers. Prior to migrating to the Cloud, the security expert team will evaluate your applications and infrastructure for vulnerabilities and ensure that all security controls are in place and operating properly.

Proactive Threat Management.

As an additional element to ensure proactive management of threats and availability of services, Nuvola Technologies implements a SIEM platform. This platform smartly integrates and correlates events from different sources and active network elements. By using this platform Nuvola Technologies can prevent attacks and act effectively in resolving service issues. This allows Nuvola Technologies to provide a comprehensive platform for monitoring and effective resolution of incidents for both applications and services.

Proven Experience

  •   Infrastructure
  •   Virtualization Technologies
  •   Security
  •   Microsoft & Linux
  •   Citrix technologies
  •   Oracle
  •   Open source technologies
  •   Database administration
  •   Business intelligence
  •   Web & mobile technologies


  •   Elite team of in-house Experts
  •   Specialists in current technologies
  •   Security experts
  •   Experience in cyber-defense
  •   Experience in the private sector
  •   Experience with the U.S. government
  •   International experience
  •   Microsoft SPLA partner
  •   Citrix CSP partner

Security Team you can trust

Unlike the vast majority of MSPs whose engineers rely on the hardware they purchase to provide protection, Nuvola Technologies’ security team includes members who've worked as Network Engineers for the United States Department of Defense; they understand what is happening on your network on a fundamental level, and will go above and beyond the norm to provide you with a security experience that is unavailable with any other provider. Members of our team were hand-selected by the United States government to assist in the creation of cyber-defense policies in the wake of recent events....