Managed Private Cloud

Nuvola Managed Private Cloud

A Private Cloud enables companies to host applications in a Cloud environment, while addressing concerns about privacy and data security usually absent in the Public Cloud. Our customers prefer private cloud solutions since most of them are enterprise-class companies hosting their production-level environments. Regulatory requirements restrict their ability to make use of a public cloud. Nuvola private solutions are ideal for customers running mission-critical applications (such as intelligence, financial, e-commerce and high-end applications in any vertical market). At Nuvola we provide private cloud environments built on an infrastructure that is dedicated solely to their organizations. We set up servers either virtual or physical designed and dedicated to meet your business needs in one of our state-of-the-art and fully compliant data centers. This ensures the highest level of security, availability, service, flexibility and scalability.

How We Build Your Custom Managed Private Cloud

Your managed private cloud is comprised of Nuvola cloud servers and Premium Services. Nuvola Technologies will perform an extensive and comprehensive assessment to determine the specific needs and workloads for your business. This enables us to put together a list of custom requirements and provides us with a specification guideline to design your managed private cloud. Nuvola Technologies employs experienced and dedicated infrastructure architects. They will use the assessment to design and build your custom managed private cloud solutions.

Nuvola Service Plans include:

24/7/365 support

100% data center uptime SLA

Redundant bandwidth connectivity

Fully managed infrastructure

Infrastructure support

Monitoring and issue response

Access to our team of experts

Windows OS support

Linux OS support

Your Cloud Fully Managed By Us

We will manage your cloud for you. Our Premium Service Plan covers every aspect of your servers to ensure maximum uptime and reliability for your applications and databases. Our support team monitors your server round-the-clock from our 24×7 Network Operations Center and resolves all of your server technical issues involving configuration, optimization, and security – all in a fixed cost plan.

Premium Services We Provide

Nuvola Private manage cloud includes our most comprehensive Premium Service Plan. This plan is ideal for businesses that want the benefits of cloud environments without the management headaches associated with public clouds or an in-house platform. We monitor your infrastructure, back up your data and fix it before you have an issue. Our Premium Service Plan is designed for rapidly growing businesses with complex data and hosting needs. This means your business doesn’t miss a beat. If you do encounter an issue, our U.S. based support team is available 24/7/365 to help.

Setup & Management

OS setup & installation

OS patch management and upgrades

System administration & monitoring

Performance tuning


Firewall setup

Firewall management & upgrades

Security audit & hardening

Vulnerability analysis

Backup & Restore

File level backup service


Data restore

Disaster recovery

Available Platforms

Nuvola cloud servers are available in on two computer platforms designed to address different business needs. Both platforms are built on enterprise grade components, and use clustered storage, SSD caching, and virtualization software from the leading industry providers. Nuvola’s cloud servers performs exactly like traditional dedicated servers. Since they’re based on our state-of-the-art infrastructure, you have access to a pool of computing resources. We can provide you with numerous configurations tailored to your specific needs.

Enterprise Computing

Enterprise virtual servers are highly scalable, up to 512GB in RAM and 32 Virtual CPUs. They are designed to run CPU bound applications such as  databases, performance hosting, sophisticated business applications, ERP, CRM and business Intelligence. This platform offers up to 100,000 Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS).

Extreme NVMe Computing

Extreme virtual servers are highly scalable, up to 512GB in RAM and 32 Virtual CPUs. They include Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) drives. These drives are directly attached to the PCI-E bus, and are limited only by the performance offered by the PCI-E specification. This amazing new technology is ideal for IOPS-hungry applications and databases like Oracle, SQL, and SAP. This platform offers up to 4 million Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS).


Ever wondered what hardware your cloud provider uses?

One of the main questions to ask yourself is this:  is it the hardware that you would choose if you had an on-premise infrastructure?

The right hardware is so important in delivering the right performance yet many providers are deliberately vague. The hardware a cloud provider uses is incredibly important to the speed and performance a customer receives. Many cloud providers use seriously outdated equipment and being less than upfront about the hardware they use. Click here to learn more about the technology behind our cloud.

What Is NVMe?

NVMe is an extremely fast communications interface and protocol designed specifically for SSDI. NVMe stands for non-volatile memory express.

How NVMe Works.

NVMe works by allowing a solid state drive (SSD) use of the high speed peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) in a more effective fashion.

How NVMe Benefits Our Clients

NVMe benefits our clients because it provides extreme speed and low-latency. Since it mirrors the parallel behavior seen in other computer components, our clients get to experience the best in full utilization of NVMe. In short, it improves performance which gives our clients a better user experience. NVMe provides low-latency and increase the input/output calculations (IOPS) which provides a better, more valuable user experience across multiple platforms.

Microsoft SPLA Licensing

Our relationship with Microsoft gives us the unique ability to offer licenses for many Microsoft products on a monthly basis. From server OS and application licensing to SQL database client licenses, we can provide your business with solutions that save you money, improve your cash flow and keep you enjoying the latest technologies.Learn More

Bring Your Own License Program

Since Nuvola Technologies is an Authorized Mobility Partner, you can take advantage of the Microsoft License Mobility through Microsoft Software Assurance program and bring your existing licenses for eligible server applications to Nuvola Technologies – without any additional software license fees or mobility fees. Learn More

Proven Experience

  •   Infrastructure
  •   Virtualization Technologies
  •   Security
  •   Microsoft & Linux
  •   Citrix technologies
  •   Oracle
  •   Open source technologies
  •   Database administration
  •   Business intelligence
  •   Web & mobile technologies


  •   Elite team of in-house Experts
  •   Specialists in current technologies
  •   Security experts
  •   Experience in cyber-defense
  •   Experience in the private sector
  •   Experience with the U.S. government
  •   International experience
  •   Microsoft SPLA partner
  •   Citrix CSP partner

Security Team you can trust

Unlike the vast majority of MSPs whose engineers rely on the hardware they purchase to provide protection, Nuvola Technologies’ security team includes members who've worked as Network Engineers for the United States Department of Defense; they understand what is happening on your network on a fundamental level, and will go above and beyond the norm to provide you with a security experience that is unavailable with any other provider. Members of our team were hand-selected by the United States government to assist in the creation of cyber-defense policies in the wake of recent events....