Expert IT consulting

We know what Works

Nuvola Technologies brings extensive experience and proven track record in consulting and project implementations in the cloud. Unlike other manage service providers that only offer automated “do it yourself” models. Nuvola adds value to its customers by providing End-to End, customized solutions.

Value added services provided by Nuvola Technologies:

Cloud Consulting Services: service migration, deployment, control and security, service catalog, risks, continuity, capacity, legal, budget, etc. Nuvola Technologies architects are vendor neutral; they work with customers in finding the most effective solution. They analyze different alternatives for a particular application or service. Considering all technical and commercial aspects from security and performance to budget, cost and profitability.

Project Implementation: From planning and design to migration including integration, portability of services, infrastructure virtualization, management, maintenance and support (24 × 7).

Elite Team of Experts in house: Nuvola Technologies has specialists in most current technologies from infrastructure, storage, networking and security to virtualization, Citrix (Partner), VMware, Microsoft (partners), and Linux. Nuvola Technologies architects are experienced and understand how these technologies interact with each other.

Proven Experience

  •   Infrastructure
  •   Virtualization Technologies
  •   Security
  •   Microsoft & Linux
  •   Citrix Technologies
  •   Oracle
  •   Open Source Technologies
  •   Database Administration
  •   Business Intelligence
  •   Web & Mobile Technologies


  •   Elite Team of Experts in house
  •   Specialists in current technologies
  •   Security Experts
  •   Experience in cyber-defense
  •   Experience in Private Sector
  •   Experience in U.S. Government
  •   U.S and International experience
  •   Microsoft SPLA Partner
  •   Citrix CSP Partner

Managed Services That Go Beyond

Nuvola Technologies knows that although businesses can be similar, they are still individualized. That’s why we offer individualized solutions for each business and provide managed services that go beyond client expectations. Our client focused business model provides a Go Beyond support and customer service experience. With a managed private cloud from Nuvola Technologies, we do all of the work and you reap all of the benefits. We work closely with you to develop your cloud solution. This ensures that you get exactly what you need. We handle the security, maintenance, and keep everything functioning using Nuvola Technologies owned equipment dedicated solely to your needs. Your focus can remain on growing your business and delivering to your customers....