Citrix Hosting

Nuvola, is a CSP official Citrix Partner. We can provide you with application virtualization technology that will enable you to deliver applications to your customers in a secure environment. These applications do not have to be installed locally on the end-users’ computers; they are managed straight from Nuvola’s Cloud Environment. After the applications are “virtualized” they run on Nuvola servers– the local computers’ operating and file systems remain unaltered. Computing resources are allocated in real time to meet the system’s continually-changing requirements. Through its virtualization, Nuvola provides you the technology to support not only remote users but also IT departments by minimizing the complexity of testing, deploying, updating, and removing applications.

Citrix XenApp

XenApp is a Citrix delivery system that manages and virtualizes all applications from the Data Center and provides them on- demand to workplace, task and mobile users for optimal application performance and versatile delivery. At Nuvola, the applications run centrally in a Data Center Environment and are streamed to the consumer’s chosen application device. With XenApp technology we provide users an experience reflecting that of a conventional desktop including enhanced audio and video playback together with remote printing services.

As traditional Microsoft Remote Desktop uses RDP, Citrix-developed ICA runs on all XenApp infrastructures. The advantage is that the ICA protocol is: thinner, cleaner, much more malleable, it functions more efficiently on a low-bandwidth and higher-latency connection; the ICA protocol also delivers significant internal benefits, notably the ability to prioritize specific traffic inside a connection even to the application level. XenApp can also manage heavier customer workloads and application counts than basic Microsoft Terminal Services.

XenApp has several additional benefits including: administration layers and connection possibilities that offer load-balancing, high- and low-level user management (including session monitoring) as well as internal/external connection security. It also allows users to securely connect to their corporate desktop sessions from any remote location via standard Internet browsers. In this respect, XenApp is very similar to a conventional VPN without requiring standard clients or particular VPN concentrators.

Proven Experience

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  •   Virtualization Technologies
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  •   Citrix technologies
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  •   Elite team of in-house Experts
  •   Specialists in current technologies
  •   Security experts
  •   Experience in cyber-defense
  •   Experience in the private sector
  •   Experience with the U.S. government
  •   International experience
  •   Microsoft SPLA partner
  •   Citrix CSP partner

Security Team you can trust

Unlike the vast majority of MSPs whose engineers rely on the hardware they purchase to provide protection, Nuvola Technologies’ security team includes members who've worked as Network Engineers for the United States Department of Defense; they understand what is happening on your network on a fundamental level, and will go above and beyond the norm to provide you with a security experience that is unavailable with any other provider. Members of our team were hand-selected by the United States government to assist in the creation of cyber-defense policies in the wake of recent events....