Microsoft SPLA

Our relationship with Microsoft gives us the unique ability to offer licenses for many Microsoft products on a monthly basis. From server OS and application licensing to SQL database client licenses, we can provide your business with solutions that save you money, improve your cash flow and keep you enjoying the latest technologies.

The Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is the only Microsoft Volume Licensing program that allows Microsoft products to be used for commercial hosting. It allows worldwide distribution so we can license products to sell our services to customers in any part of the world.

SPLA is a month-to-month (pay-as-you-go) licensing program that enables Nuvola Technologies to provide Hosted Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft software services to our customers without them having to commit to up-front capital costs and resulting risks. SPLA provides third party commercial use rights to Nuvola Technologies, who is the holder of these Microsoft licenses, so that end customers receiving services deployed on Microsoft software products are not required to obtain or manage their own Microsoft software licenses. End customers receive the right to directly or indirectly interact with functionalities of Microsoft software through the service provider’s SPLA licenses.

Key Benefits

• Competitive Pricing. SPLA software pricing incorporates Software Assurance (Microsoft’s software maintenance) thereby providing clients with the most current versions of the products available in the SPLA Program for one simple monthly price.

• Pay only for what you use. With SPLA, you pay as you deploy, and only for what you deploy. In other words, software becomes a pay-as-you-go service. This benefit can help our customers build flexibility in software costs and accelerate business profitability. It also makes software costs transparent allowing them to treat software as operating cost rather than capital cost.

• Cash Flow Management. Clients have near zero start-up costs, since they only pay for licenses based on what they use each month.

• Latest software versions. Your SPLA provides you access to the latest versions of Microsoft software at one convenient price point. Software is automatically and freely upgraded with every new version.

• Latest Hardware. Nuvola Technologies constantly updates its hardware and systems running SPLA providing clients with the benefits of the latest technology

• Free demos, tests, and evaluations. Customers can access limited demos, tests, and evaluations free of charge.

• Switch Licensing Models. Customers have the flexibility to switch between the 2 licensing model (Per User or Per CPU) from one month to the next.

Proven Experience

  •   Infrastructure
  •   Virtualization Technologies
  •   Security
  •   Microsoft & Linux
  •   Citrix technologies
  •   Oracle
  •   Open source technologies
  •   Database administration
  •   Business intelligence
  •   Web & mobile technologies


  •   Elite team of in-house Experts
  •   Specialists in current technologies
  •   Security experts
  •   Experience in cyber-defense
  •   Experience in the private sector
  •   Experience with the U.S. government
  •   International experience
  •   Microsoft SPLA partner
  •   Citrix CSP partner

Security Team you can trust

Unlike the vast majority of MSPs whose engineers rely on the hardware they purchase to provide protection, Nuvola Technologies’ security team includes members who've worked as Network Engineers for the United States Department of Defense; they understand what is happening on your network on a fundamental level, and will go above and beyond the norm to provide you with a security experience that is unavailable with any other provider. Members of our team were hand-selected by the United States government to assist in the creation of cyber-defense policies in the wake of recent events....